The Advantages of Going Paperless in the Beauty Industry

The Top 8 Advantages of Going Paperless in the Beauty Industry

Most people hardly ever use pen and paper anymore, so if you are still asking your customers to fill out old fashioned paper forms when they complete consultation and consent forms for your beauty business then isn’t it time you thought again? 

Going paperless in the beauty industry is one of the best ways to make the experience better for your customers, make life easier for yourself and save some money at the same time. If you’re not yet convinced, here are some of the big benefits of going paperless in the beauty industry.

It’s Cheaper 

You probably don’t know how much money it costs to print out all of those forms but whatever you’re spending, it’s too much not to mention the time associated with printing, scanning or filing. 

Why bother paying for all of the paper and ink to print out forms for customers when they could just do it all digitally instead? Going paperless will not only save you money and save you time but it will also help to save our precious environment. 

It’s Quicker For Everybody 

You didn’t start a beauty business because you love doing paperwork, you did it because you have a passion for beauty. Unfortunately, consent forms, consultation forms and medical history forms are a requirement for many treatments and need to be completed. 

But even though you can’t avoid them, you can get the boring stuff out of the way a lot quicker if you go paperless. Digital forms can be sent out to customers before their appointment so they can fill them out and complete with an electronic signature while they’re at home. When they come in for their appointment, all of the admin stuff is out of the way and you can focus on their treatment, so it’s a lot easier for everybody involved. 

Don’t forget that somebody has to spend hours printing, scanning and filing endless forms, which adds up to a lot of wasted time. Digital forms help to avoid that so everybody is more productive. 

You Actually Get The Right Information

Paper forms are great, as long as people actually fill them out properly, but that doesn’t always happen. We all know how frustrating it is when people forget to fill out half the information or their handwriting is basically just a scribble and you can’t read a word. 

You don’t need to worry about that with digital forms because you can’t have bad handwriting when you’re typing and you can include mandatory fields so the customer can’t submit the form unless they’ve actually filled it out properly. 

It’s Safer 

Data protection is a big worry for businesses these days and it’s up to you to protect all of the customer data that you collect. Beauty businesses often have a lot of information about people’s medical history and you definitely don’t want that falling into the wrong hands. 

But a big pile of paper forms isn’t exactly safe or secure is it? They are easily lost or stolen and you don’t have a backup, which is why people do things digitally these days. With digital forms, you can actually take steps to protect information and back it up, so you can still recover it if it gets lost. 

Reduce Paper Usage

Every time you print out a form you are not only adding to global deforestation but you are also creating additional waste and you will need to file and store that paper based form once complete. 

Filing cabinets take up valuable space and having paper forms always has the risk of them getting lost, misplaced or damaged (eaten by the dog or ruined by a coffee spill!) 

Improve The Client Experience

Put an end to delays and frustrating customer experiences by making the form-filling process an easy one. No one likes filling out forms especially in front of other people and if there is a time pressure (because they are late arriving) then this only adds to the stress. 

Allow clients to complete the forms on their phone, in their own time. You can add the forms to your website, social media and send them via Email, Whatsapp, Messenger and any other electronic means.

Eliminate Missing Forms

Stop spending all your time rifling through your files and folders looking for that form you “know you had” just last week. Organize it all seamlessly online and save yourself all that stress. 

Online Beauty Forms can be automatically filed into specific folders on submission. The forms will automatically be named with the client’s name meaning you can easily search for the form via the Online Beauty Forms Portal.  

Utilise Electronic Signatures

Last but not least, going paperless introduces you to the joys of electronic signatures. Clients simply use their fingers on their smartphone or tablet touch screens or they can use the mouse of their laptops/PCs to sign electronically. No pen or paper required!

So as you can see – going paperless makes complete sense and has so many benefits plus it’s quick and easy to get set up! You can sign up for a Free Beauty Forms account now – all you have to do is register, choose your online form templates and you’re ready to go! What are you waiting for 🙂


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