Why is client consent important for Eyelash Extensions?

Understanding the importance of consent for eyelash extensions is essential for protecting your reputation and your practise. We delve into why that is, and how consent forms can help you to cover all your legal bases.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions
may seem straightforward but, with a very real risk of infection or allergic reaction, professionals need to cover themselves before they book an appointment. Client consent is the best way to do that, keeping everyone on the same page, and ensuring a traceable digital or paper trail. Notably, consent for eyelash extensions should cover a few key areas, including – 

  • Client understanding 
  • Client and professional responsibilities
  • Client expectations 
  • Disclosure of medical conditions/medications


Preferably, an eyelash extensions consent form should be sent digitally in advance ensuring that all parties have a chance to read them in detail. By getting on top of this for every extension eyelash appointment, you can protect yourself from various unpleasant situations, such as –

  • Legal expenses: Correctly-stored consent forms offer fantastic legal protection, ensuring that you can prove client liability without incurring even a sniff of legal expense should side effects arise.

  • Unsuitable clients: We live in an age where many people are looking to pick holes or make claims. By insisting on a signature before you start, you ensure that you work only with clients who come to you because they want to see fantastic results, rather than those who are going to cause trouble.

  • Reputational damage: Any false claim can cause reputational damage, even if no prosecutions arise. With consent forms, you ensure that you’re always squeaky clean and in everyone’s good books.

Here at Beauty Forms, we can bring these benefits and more within easy reach thanks to our paperless online forms, professionally curated to ensure that consent never needs to be a concern again. 

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There is no right or wrong method of completing a 
consent form, they all have advantages and disadvantages but in our opinion, Online Forms will save you time, save you space, improve the customer experience plus, all of your forms will be stored and backed-up securely online…leaving you to focus on what you enjoy best…your treatments and not administration.